Sports Sunglasses

Sale price$24.99
Color: Black

Introducing our Sports Sunglasses – the ideal eyewear for those with an active lifestyle, providing a perfect blend of performance and style.

Product Features:

Glasses Structure: Frame: Crafted with a sturdy frame structure, ensuring durability and a secure fit for your dynamic activities.

Polarization: Yes: Equipped with polarized lenses to reduce glare, ensuring clear vision and enhanced comfort during various sports and outdoor activities.

Lens Material: TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose): Designed with TAC lens material, offering superior optical clarity, lightweight comfort, and resistance to impact for an active lifestyle.

Style: Sport: Tailored for sports enthusiasts, these sunglasses feature a sporty design, providing both functionality and a dynamic aesthetic.

Elevate your sports performance with our Sports Sunglasses – where polarization meets durability, and style meets functionality. Gear up for a comfortable and stylish eyewear experience during your active pursuits.