Retro Punk Sunglasses

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Color: Black

Introducing our Retro Punk Sunglasses – a bold and edgy accessory designed to make a statement.

Product Features:

Glasses Structure: Frame: Crafted with a robust frame structure, providing durability and a distinctive look for your style.

Polarization: No: Not polarized, offering a unique perspective without polarization, perfect for those seeking a different visual experience.

Lens Material: PC (Polycarbonate): Designed with PC lens material, ensuring clarity and protection for your eyes with a touch of ruggedness.

Style: Metal: Embrace the Metal style, adding an industrial and rebellious edge to your overall look.

Frame Material: Metal: Meticulously designed with metal, providing both strength and a bold aesthetic for those who dare to be different.

Anti-UV Grade: UV400: Safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays with the UV400 resistance grade, ensuring optimal protection in various lighting conditions. 

Style: New: Embrace the latest trends with the New Style design, offering a fresh and contemporary twist to your eyewear collection.

Make a bold fashion statement with our Retro Punk Sunglasses – where edginess meets UV protection, and style meets individuality. Gear up for a rebelliously chic eyewear experience.