Vision Snow Goggles

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Color: Blue

Introducing our Vision Snow Goggles - the perfect companion for your outdoor snow adventures, providing a blend of functionality, durability, and style.

Product Features:

Material: PC, TPU: Constructed with a durable combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, ensuring both strength and flexibility for a comfortable fit.

Number of Layers: Double: Designed with a double-layer structure to enhance insulation and prevent fogging during various weather conditions.

Anti-fog: Yes: Equipped with anti-fog technology to maintain clear visibility in challenging weather conditions..

Applicable People: Adult: Tailored for adults, providing a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of face shapes.

Function: Waterproof, Anti-Radiation, Anti-Sand, Eye Protection, Windproof, Anti-fog: Offers comprehensive protection, including waterproofing, anti-radiation, anti-sand, and windproof features, ensuring your eyes are shielded in various outdoor conditions.

Color Options: Yellow Frame-Golden Lens, Gray Frame-Silver Lens, Black Frame-Blue Lens, White Frame-Purple Lens: Choose from a variety of stylish color combinations to match your personal style and preferences.

Product Name: G-Replace Magnetic Snow Mirror: Identified by the product name G-Replace, featuring a magnetic snow mirror for easy replacement and customization.

Material Lens: Polycarbonate, Frame: TPU, Lens Band: Non-slip Silicone: The combination of materials ensures durability, flexibility, and a secure fit for your outdoor activities.

Features: Windproof, UV-proof, and Snow-Blindness: Provides protection against wind, UV rays, and snow-blindness, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience during skiing, mountaineering, cycling, and more.

Suitable Occasions: Outdoor Sports such as Skiing, Mountaineering, Cycling, etc.: Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, offering reliable eye protection in diverse environments.

Gear up for your snowy adventures with Vision Snow Goggles - where safety meets style, and durability meets performance. Enjoy the great outdoors with confidence and clarity.