Ski Goggles Attitude NG8

Sale price$79.99
Color: Black Frame Black

Introducing our Ski Goggles Attitude NG8 – designed for the skiing enthusiast who values performance and style on the slopes.

Product Features:

Sport Type: Skiing: Specially crafted for skiing, ensuring optimal performance and protection during winter sports activities.

Lens Height: 96mm: Designed with a generous lens height to provide a wide and clear field of vision, enhancing your skiing experience.

Lens Width: 170mm: With a broad lens width, these goggles offer extensive coverage, ensuring maximum visibility and protection against the elements.

Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400: Equipped with UV400 lenses, providing complete protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your eyes during prolonged sun exposure.

Elevate your skiing attitude with Ski Goggles Attitude NG8 – where style meets functionality, and optical attributes meet the demands of the slopes. Gear up for a thrilling and visually clear skiing adventure.