Personality Color Changing Sunglasses

Sale price$19.99
Color: V1

Introducing our Personality Color Changing Sunglasses – a unique blend of style and innovation to express your individuality.

Product Features:

Frame Material: Crafted with lightweight and durable Aluminum Magnesium, providing both strength and comfort for prolonged wear.

Lens Color Options: Choose your mood with an array of lens colors, including yellow, gray, and black, catering to different lighting conditions and personal preferences.

Anti-UV Grade: UV400: Safeguard your eyes with UV400 resistance, offering optimal protection against harmful UV rays during your outdoor activities.

Color Options:

Black Frame Gray Film: Classic elegance with a touch of modernity.

Gun Frame Gray Film: A sleek and sophisticated option for a contemporary look.

Black Frame Color Changing Film: Embrace a dynamic and vibrant visual experience with color-changing lenses.

Gun Frame Color Changing Film: A stylish alternative for those who appreciate versatility in eyewear.

Black Frame Night Vision Film: Ideal for low-light conditions, providing enhanced vision during the night.

Gun Frame Night Vision Film: Combining style with practicality, these sunglasses offer night vision capabilities for versatile use.

Express your personality with our Personality Color Changing Sunglasses – where style meets innovation, and your unique taste shines through.