Spherical Mirror Myopia Snow Goggles

Sale price$44.99
Color: Black Gray Film

Introducing our Spherical Mirror Myopia Snow Goggles – the perfect eyewear choice for winter sports enthusiasts seeking both functionality and style on the snowy slopes.

Product Features:

Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane): Crafted with TPU material, offering flexibility, durability, and a comfortable fit for extended wear in various winter conditions.

Number of Layers: Double: Designed with a double-layer structure to enhance insulation, protect against the elements, and prevent fogging for clear vision.

Anti-fog: Yes: Equipped with anti-fog technology, ensuring a clear line of sight during your snow sports activities.

Coca-Cola Myopia: Yes: Accommodates those with myopia, providing a clear vision for individuals with nearsightedness.

Function: Bulletproof: Ensures added safety and protection during high-impact activities. Sand-proof: Shields the eyes from sand and debris, enhancing eye protection. Eye Protection: Provides comprehensive eye protection for various winter conditions. Clarity: Offers optical clarity for an improved visual experience. Windproof: Protects against wind, ensuring comfort and clarity during skiing or snowboarding. Anti-fog: Prevents fogging, maintaining clear visibility on the snowy slopes. 

Color Options: Choose from a variety of stylish color options, including red film, blue film, mercury film, black gray film, and gold film, allowing you to express your style on the snow.

Gear up for your winter adventures with Spherical Mirror Myopia Snow Goggles – where safety meets style, and clarity meets protection. Elevate your snow sports experience with this reliable and stylish eyewear option.