Classic American Vintage Sunglasses

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Color: Color1

Experience timeless elegance with our Classic American Vintage Sunglasses – a perfect fusion of style and functionality.

Maximum Transmittance Protection: Classified as Category 3, these sunglasses are your reliable sunshade mirror, providing optimal protection against harmful rays for an enhanced visual experience.

Innovative Twist: Stand out with our sunglasses' clip structure, offering an innovative twist on traditional eyewear. The plate frame material ensures lightweight comfort while maintaining durability for everyday wear.

Colorful Expression: Express your style with a wide array of color options from Color 1 to Color 18. Whether you lean towards classic tones or bold statements, there's a hue to perfectly match your mood and elevate your look.

Crafted for Enthusiasts: The TAC lens material guarantees superior clarity and resilience, catering to literary and retro enthusiasts who appreciate a perfect blend of style and substance. The square frame adds a touch of sophistication, completing your timeless and chic appearance. Elevate your style with Classic American Vintage Sunglasses – where protection meets elegance.